How to Write a Profile Essay Perfectly

A profile essay is that which gives the reader information that is objective as well as opinionated. If you are a student who is writing a profile essay then you should know that it is an essay which is written on a place, event or a person. The profile essay should be written in a way in which everything is connected and linked together. Because the profile essay is for a particular group of people, you have to make sure that you are entertaining and informing them in the most proper way. Remember that the essay must be written in a way which is memorable and leaves an impression on the audience. All of this is not easy and so you need to understand how to write a profile essay.
1. The first thing you have to do is to discover a topic that you are going to be writing on. The topic you choose for the profile essay should be one which is extremely interesting and invigorating. If you are writing a profile essay on a person then it is not necessary that you write on someone who is famous or well known, instead you could write on someone ordinary. And once again remember that you can write on an event or something else of interest. Another thing to remember in the profile essay is not to search solely from the internet, instead try to read books that are available in the library on the topic that you are writing.
2. Once you have researched and found out enough information on the topic, you need to create a proper outline. The outline is made with points, as you might have done in other essays. Remember to write down the details in separate headings like ‘introduction’, ‘body’ and ‘conclusion’. This way your work will stay managed and you will be able to write everything down properly when you are writing the actual essay.
3. A profile essay, if being done on a person, needs a proper interview. If you are someone who is going to be writing a profile essay on a person then you need to prepare for the questions before hand. The questions that you are making should be on a particular subject and not general, but remember to give the person a chance to talk freely and without reservation. Make a list of possible questions and connect the dots.
4. When you are conducting the interview, make sure there are no distractions in the environment. Whenever you are going to interview a person, make sure you arrive early and engage the person in an informal talk so that he can well prepared and relaxed for the actual interview. After you have done this, move on to the interview and make sure you conduct it in a professional manner.
5. Whenever the person is speaking, jot down everything you feel is important. You can also write these down immediately after the interview. Be observant and write down everything that you noted in the persons behavior, attitude and habits. All of this will serve as a draft in your profile essay.

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