Tropicana Speech Topics

Tropicana is a speech contest where elementary and middle school children deliver speeches on numerous topics. In this competition a student first competes with his/her own classmates, then with the finalist of his/her own school and if they make it to the final, he/she has to compete with the finalists of other schools. Preparing the best speeches throughout the competition and making it to the final is definitely not a piece of cake. A student has to work on his/her writing, convincing and language skills to make it to district and win the competition.

Let us see how one can come up with a good topic and write a good Tropicana speech.

1.    Be creative and pick out a subject for the speech which you are keen or passionate about. Also keep in mind that the speech should be about a specific subject and not a general one because you have to deliver it within a given time limit.

2.    Now plan your Tropicana speech and make a general outline. Your speech must be started with a compelling introduction that will brief the audience about the speech’s purpose. The introduction will be followed by the body section where the speaker put all the details in front of the listeners such as researches, pertinent details, info graphics, charts, etc. After detailing the key points of the Tropicana speech topics, close the speech with an impressive conclusion.

3.    Work on your public speaking skill by practicing the speech in front of a mirror or in front of a group of friends. It would be better if you can find some people you don’t know and give your speech in front of them and after completing it ask their opinion about your speech.

4.    Determine the pitch or tone of the speech by considering the topic. For instance, if it is a persuasive speech then you have to use a strict and persuasive tone.

Example Tropicana speech topics ideas:

•    Runaway bunny
•    My daily life
•    School life of a grumpy kid
•    How to stop a bully
•    Why cheerleading is so encouraged
•    A Christmas with my family
•    Fairy Tales
•    My Little brother
•    Daily Chores
•    Things one should never avoid
•    Things one should avoid
•    Shorty
•    My favorite soup
•    Dreamland
•    Plug your ears
•    American dream
•    Knight rider
•    Martin Luther King, Jr.
•    My first dental checkup
•    My first invention
•    My sister
•    Diary of a grumpy kid
•    How sloppy one can be

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