Invitational Speech Topics – How to Deliver One

Invitational speech topics are comparatively different than a regular speech. Normally you don’t enter into dialogue with your audience in a regular speech but you do it in an invitational speech. Here you share your thoughts, standards or objectives with the audience. Although an invitational speech is like a persuasive speech but you don’t’ necessarily need to convince the audience here. Instead you just explore some key points pertaining to the subject matter and discuss those points with the audience.

One important point which the speaker must keep in mind is admiration. Don’t shun the opinion of the other person but respect it. Nonetheless, there are two ways to deliver an invitational speech.

- First way is the most common way in that you take a side of the topic and start your discussion over the subject matter using critical arguments. Either talk against the topic or for it, it totally depends on you. Once you deliver the speech, you ask the pertinent questions and the audience given you their opinion. Once you have their opinions, you respond to their opinions with your contra arguments.

- The second important way of giving an invitational speech is to inform your audience about each and every aspect of the subject matter. Put before them all the evidence, facts and figures or pros and cons. Ask pertinent questions and give them a chance to ask questions from you.

Remember that the crucial purpose of an invitational speech is not to convince your readers but to understand and appreciate each other arguments or opinions.

Examples of Invitational Speech Topics:

•    Terrorism
•    Genetic Engineering
•    Animal experimentation
•    Flag burning
•    Sacred books burning
•    Capital punishment
•    Corporate punishment
•    Immigration reform
•    Preparation against natural disaster
•    Middle east crisis
•    Global Warming
•    LHC
•    Globalization

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