Interesting Ideas for Special Occasion Speech Topics

Crafting an effective special occasion speech is quite a backbreaking task. Determining the occasion, tailoring the speech in line with the event and avoiding any such word that may offend the listeners is no doubt a very difficult task. If anything goes wrong with the speech it would make the speaker embarrass in front of a large group of audience. However, by learning how to write these speeches and by continuous speech writing practice one can easily avoid the above situation and make the moment unforgettable. So, take a look at the below listed guidelines to see what sorts of important pointers you have to take into account while writing or delivering an occasional speech.

- Identify the occasion and identify your audience. When it comes to writing occasional speeches these two important points will help you a lot. Once you identify the occasion you will be able to use appropriate words or praises and once you identify the audience you will be able to determine the tone for your speech. Pick out the words carefully and pick out those words that can express your feelings efficiently to your audience.

- Now come up with two to three main supporting points of your speech. Express each point separately.

For instance, if it is a wedding speech you can break your speech in three points. In the first point you can tell the audience about your relationship with the couples. In the second point you can tell an interesting story about one of the spouses. In the third point you may give them an advice regarding marriage, bond or relationship.

- It is not necessary that ever type of occasion speech must have a conclusion. For instance, a wedding speech doesn’t need a conclusion but you can wrap up the speech with a toast for the couple. However, if it is a funeral speech you may want to conclude it with telling the audience about one of the qualities that you liked about the deceased.

Following is a list of examples of special occasion speech topics:

•    Best man sheep
•    Inspirational speech at a university
•    Maid of honor toast to the couple
•    Birthday speech to the grandparents
•    Aunt’s birthday speech
•    Farewell speech
•    Graduation speech
•    Funeral speech
•    Commemorative speech
•    Speech for new employees to explain them important company policies
•    Policy speech at an assembly
•    Occasion speech for an annual training seminar
•    IT training seminar speech
•    Speech in honor of new CEO of a company

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