Explanatory Speech Topics

An explanatory speech is a general speech that usually talks about the “how and why” of a particular topic. Rather than leaving the audience with just a summary of the topic, it leaves them with a deeper understanding. There are also some explanatory speeches that only talk about a current event or a historical one. These topics usually focus on the cause and consequences related with the topic.

Writing a good speech is as difficult as delivering it to a large group of people. Therefore, it is necessary for students to make an outline before crafting an explanatory speech. Outlining helps the students or any other speech writers to systematize their thoughts in a logical manner. It also helps the writer in focusing the speech on a central question or a problem. It also ensures that the speech covers all the main points that the writer wants to highlight.

To learn how to draft an outline, check out some sample outlines that can be acquired through some college or university’s websites. Keep in mind that outlines can be composed in different formats, depending on what sort of subject matter. Here is how a typical outline looks like:

•    Greeting
•    Hook
•    Thesis
•    Main points
•    First main point
•    Sub-point
•    Transitional sentence
•    Second main point
•    Sub-point
•    Overview of main points
•    Restate thesis
•    Call to action
•    Thanking the audience

Following is a list of some explanatory speech topics ideas:

•    Religion
•    Foundations of certain religion
•    Pope John Paul II
•    Communism
•    Religion of Hindus
•    Religion of Muslims
•    Christianity
•    Media and advertising
•    Ethics of journalism
•    Expansion of provocative ads
•    Revolutionary War
•    War on Terrorism
•    World War I
•    Health Issues

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