How to Write a Functional Resume

If you want to learn how to write a functional resume, then your first job is to understand it properly. In the simplest words, a functional resume is that which focuses on the person’s skills as compared to his experience. Functional resume are made by those people who often change their careers or people who don’t have a lot of experience in the field they are applying in, but even people who have experience can write this kind of a resume if they want to break away from the usual pattern.
It is a fact that functional resumes are extremely helpful for those people who either have no or minimal experience in a particular field, but unfortunately a major setback with the functional essay is that a lot of employers don’t like to see them on their table. Now the reason for this is because they think that you are trying to hide your experience because there was a mishap or some other suspicious thing. This is the reason why you need to learn how to write a functional resume which shows your employers that you are a professional and are not hiding anything. So, consult the tip below the next time you are writing a functional resume and will soon end up with a good job.
1. Remember that your goal is to show your employer that even though you are giving them a functional resume, you are not hiding anything. And so you need to make sure that you have listed experience in there too. Then when you are writing your skills, make subheading or categories of things like ‘group management’, ‘writing’ and ‘leadership’. Emphasize on the skills that are required for the specific job you are applying to.
2. Next, write down the names of the companies from where you gained your experience. Once again, write this before your skills because this will make you seem honest and consistent.
3. Just telling them about your job title and company name is not enough, remember to always mention how you progressed in that particular field.
4. Now that you have listed your experience in a proper manner, you need to tell them how you applied each of your skills to those positions. This is important because without this they wouldn’t know that you actually have the skills you are saying you do.
5. A very common mistake that people who make functional resume is to leave out the information about the internships, part time jobs or volunteer work. Once again remember that these experiences are also just as valuable as a full time job so include them in your functional resume.

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