How to Make a Resume for Your First Job

Making a resume that attracts employers can be a hard job especially when you are someone who is fresh in the market and don’t have a long list of experiences or references to show your worth. One way you can gain experience even if you don’t have a job is to do internships and take part in other such activities so that these can be added to your resume. Today I am going to be telling you a big about how to make a resume for your first job. If you are someone who has done internships and have at least some experience on your hands then you are going to find making your first resume really easy. Read the tips given below on how to make a resume for your first job and write it accordingly.
1. You have to keep in mind that the resume is something professional and so you need to avoid discrimination of any kind. Don’t ever mention specifics about your religion or background. A major player in a good resume is the format you make it in. Search for formats online and work according to that. Write everything in bullet points as this makes everything clear and easy to read.
2. The first section of your resume will be where you write your objective or goals. Remember that the objective is most important especially when we talk about how to make a resume for your first job. This objective must include the field you are applying for and also the direction you wish to take in future.
3. The second part off your resume will be that of your educational background. This section will include the schools, college and universities and any other education you have obtained. If you are a fresh graduate then you also need to write down any special projects that you have done. The CGPA is optional but you should list it if it is above a 3.0 as this will matter. Write down the name of any organization/company you have worked for which is in line with the job you are applying to.
4. As mentioned, if you have worked as an intern in one more places then you have to mention it in the section below your educational qualifications. These jobs/internships should be listed in a descending order where your last internship must appear at the top. You also need to write down the specified period of each employment.

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