How to List References in a Resume

When you are searching for a job, the references that are listed in your resume can make a huge difference and this why you need to know how to list references in a resume. In fact, references are so important sometimes that it can either get you a job instantly or take it away right at the brink. If you want to be successful in your job search then you have to make sure that you have good and great recommendations to get you moving.
• Before you starting listing your references properly, you need to write your resume. Remember that the references section comes in the end and so you have to impress your possible employer from the beginning to the end. So make sure that you write everything from your skills to experience in a professional and attractive manner. A good way to ensure your resume’s professionalism is to get it checked by several people around you.
• After you have finished writing down your resume, start on our references. The first thing you need to do is to choose your references. Remember to only add 3-4 references in your resume because this is the reasonable number. The people you are choosing as your professional recommendations have to be people who have worked closely with your for at least an year’s time. You might have worked with hundreds of people in your time span but you know that only a few will vouch for you, and these will be your references.
• Now that you have decided the references that you are going to be adding to your resume, you need to call all these people individually. Now you might ask why do I need to call them right? Well the simple reason for this is because you want to let them know that you adding their name to the reference list on your resume so that they won’t be caught off guard when a company calls them. Other than this, you also need to ask their permission for adding their name and contact information to the list otherwise it would be unethical and highly unprofessional.
Remember that not all your references will be ready and eager to help you out, some might hesitate or pause and then you need to move on to your next reference. You should also tell your references about the job that you are going to be applying to so that they can be prepared when they receive a call.
• The reference section of the resume is not just a list of names, it also has their contact information and so you need to make sure that you have the recent and correct contact.

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