Physics Research Paper Topics

Writing a physics research paper is only slightly different than composing a regular academic paper on any given theme. It is because you will need ample scientific data to make your point on a particular topic. Basically in physics you try to find answers about different sorts of natural occurrences and sometimes through hands-on experiments.

The basic structure of physics paper is same as regular paper which includes an abstract, introduction, data review, literature analysis, methodology, findings and conclusion. However, the main success of your physics paper depends on what type of theme or topic you choose to research on.

Now you know that topic is the key to a winning research report you will need to put all your efforts in generating an appropriate, interesting, compelling, germane and unique topic. No matter what type of idea generation technique you use for developing topic ideas just keep in mind that the theme of the paper must be compelling to you. If the topic is not compelling to you then you must not expect the same for your audience.

Your second most important concern after topic selection should be the research. Keep a note of the methods that you use for gathering relevant material. All the research methods will be presented in the methodology with a brief description. Always use libraries as your primary research spot and try to avoid online wikis because wikis are not credible.

Let us see what physics research paper topics are hot these days:

- How to build highly efficient solar cells
- Tsunami Physics
- Higgs field
- Boson / Higgs Boson
- Current findings of LHC (Large Hadron Collider)
- Russian nuclear program
-US nuclear weapons
- Biochemical weapons
- E=mc2
- Centrifuge Technologies for improving Uranium
- Using particle accelerator for converting nuclear waste
- Plutonium and its production
- Quantum physics and its main principles
- Gravitational Waves – how to detect them
- Bats and ultrasonic waves
- Quantum optical storage devices
- Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials
- Chaos theory
- Big Bang theory
- Quantum mechanics
- Isaac Newton’s theory on Corpuscular light
- Thermodynamics
- CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research)
- Infrared Telescopy
- Daniel Bernoulli’s Principle
- Aurora Borealis
- Voltage Circuit Design – An Overview
- Space and Time
- Theory of Relativity

Physics is a very wide field, so take your time and see which topic intrigues you and seems easy to research on.

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