Awesome Astronomy Research Paper Topics

In astronomy you basically study and research on natural science which deals with the celestial bodies such as stars, planets, galaxies, meteors, etc. Here you also study in detail the natural occurrences that happen outside the atmosphere of earth.

Students who are seeking professional career in the field of astronomy have to jot down a comprehensive research paper on it. However, picking out an interesting topic and compose a detailed report in this field is not only overwhelming but also backbreaking. When you conduct detailed research on any topic of this field you contribute your findings with others and provide others the information that they are seeking for ages.

Picking out an informative and unique topic to research on should be the first concern of the writer. The topic selection is not a process to be underestimated. Many students often fail to put forth any new findings or unique research only because they didn’t take the topic selection seriously.

Nonetheless, picking out a topic you like is certainly not a difficult task because astronomy is a very broad field, containing hundreds of different areas to research on.

You can talk about meteors in your research paper. Inform the audience how they were first discovered and what the perspective of the scientists on meteors is. Remember that thousands of meteors often fall to earth therefore scientists have a rich amount of valuable information available about these materials. You research paper can also talk about the different elements that make up a meteor.

You can also talk about different observational astronomy types for instance radio astronomy, optical, ultraviolet, infrared, x-ray or gamma-ray astronomy, etc. You can choose any one of the type and compose a detailed report on it.

Astronomy also has dozens of subfields to research on. For example, solar astronomy, stellar astronomy, galactic astronomy, extra-galactic astronomy and cosmology.

Two things you must never forget when choosing a topic. First thing is your interest and second is the uniqueness or effectiveness of the topic.

Let us take a look at some other awesome astronomy research paper topics:

- Age of the universe
- Big bang theory
- Massive black holes
- Gamma ray bursters
- Cosmic microwave.
- Sun’s Equilibrium
- Comparison of the planets
- First man in space
- First woman in space
- Sputnik satellite communication
- Birth of a star
- Death of a star
- Intergalactic medium
- Life on mars

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