Tips on Writing a Law Personal Statement

In order to take admission in a good law college you have to pass different sorts of pre-requisites. One such pre-requisite that you have to write is a law personal statement. This particular statement provides the applicant a golden opportunity to demonstrate his/her personality and potential to the admission committee. Here you can also shed some light on your background and other important things that deserve the attention of the committee. The law personal statement is the only part of the admission process where you can leave aside your LSAT or GPA score and inject your character, your true traits and qualities. Usually, such particular statement helps the applicant in answering:

•    Why he/she wants to pursue law degree?
•    Why makes him/her different from other applicants?
•    Why makes him/her fit for the law college?

Remember that, admission committees of law colleges mainly focus on checking the dynamic qualities of the applicant. They check the personal interest, unique traits and experience of the applicant to evaluate whether his/her contribution in the law community will be beneficial or not. They also want to check whether you will be a good fit for their law college or not. The statement should also underline your reason for choosing this school.

To write an impressive law personal statement, it is very necessary that you should adhere to the below listed important tips.

1.    First of all you need to determine why you desire to attend a law college and why you want to choose only the college which you are applying to. Therefore, it is necessary that you learn more about the place where you are applying at such as their objectives, ideals, standards, etc.

2.    Secondly you must also include your accomplishments and any other interesting things in the statement. Since it is already obvious that you are applying to the college because you have interest in law, the admission committee wants to see what other diverse hobbies or interest you have other than law studies.

3.    Start your law statement with an interesting quote or a unique sentence. Since the admission committee already has hundreds of applications to go through they usually don’t give much attention to those applications that have a poor or uninteresting opening. Normally such uninteresting applications end up getting rejected. If you don’t wish to let that happen to your personal statement you have to make it interesting by starting it with a hook or an interesting sentence.

4.    Talk about yourself in the statement. Tell the admission committee what makes you different from the rest of the crowd. If you have overcome different sorts of financial crisis to take admission in the law school, you should include it in the personal statement. This will exhibit to the committee how much passion you have for law studies. Tell them about your inspiration.

5.    Review your personal statement a couple of times to recheck whether all the important things included in the statement or not. Produce a first draft and let it be assessed by a person who has some experience with writing personal statements.

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