Engineering Personal Statement – Critical Pointers

When an individual applies for a graduate program in the field of engineering, he/she has to first write an engineering personal statement. A personal statement is a motivational statement that basically discusses the personality, qualities, strengths and weaknesses of the applicant. It also explains to the committee of the admission faculty why the applicant desires to seek admission in the engineering graduate course and why he/she prefers this college. A personal statement allows the committee to get acquaint with the applicant in a more effective way. Since these statements are taken very seriously by the admission board, it is necessary that you must learn how to write it proficiently.

Attention Grabber

It is necessary that you should grab the attention of the board members with a fascinating or motivating opening. You may start the statement by discussing one of your unique qualities that links with your interest in engineering. This will also act as evidence that shows your in-depth interest in this field. You can also start the statement with a quote from a famous engineer to hook your readers. The members of the committee are all experience people who read several applications during the admission process. By having a glance at the introduction of the statement they can easily identify whether the statement is an everyday essay or an interesting motivational statement.

Come Up With a Thesis Statement

Create an interesting thesis for your personal engineering statement. The thesis will act as the main element and it will explain the main purpose why you want to pursue engineering field. Given that engineering is a very complicated field so you have to prove that you are devoted to this field and you have ample knowledge and experience to seek a higher degree in engineering.

Prove You Are Up For This Challenging Path

Give some specific details about your academic qualifications and achievements. Relate those details with your interest in engineering and demonstrate them that you are prepared to walk on this challenging path.

Discuss Professional Goals

Tell them what your professional goals are and how you want to accomplish those goals. Discuss what you are planning to once you complete your graduation in the engineering field such as do you want to study it even further.

Discuss the Reason to Seek Acceptance in Their College

It is also very important to discuss the reasons why you seek acceptance in their college since there are other many engineering colleges available. It may be because of their affordable semester fees or it may be because they have the best engineering professors.

Revise the Statement

In the end revise the engineering personal statement to amend any mistakes in it.

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