Create Appealing Biology Personal Statement

At the time of applying in a college with the intention of seeking an advance degree in the field of Biology, the candidate has to write an appealing personal statement. It is kind of a daunting task for those individuals who don’t have even an ounce of experience of writing any documents similar to it. Generally a personal statement highlights the special qualities and character of the candidate that distinguish him from the rest of the candidates who apply for the same field. It allows the candidate to express why he thinks he is the ideal fit with the Biology community and how he intends to contribute to this community. Nonetheless, following are some helpful guidelines that can assist you in creating an appealing biology personal statement.

•    Get in touch with the admission department of the college where you intend to apply and ask them to give you the guidelines regarding the personal statement. Don’t hesitate to ask them some personal advices or tips that can help you in writing an effective statement. Analyze the guidelines of the college carefully and determine what important things are needed to be considered for the drafting a compelling essay. Some colleges give a list of some specific questions and they expect you to respond to those questions only. Determining what the college wants in your statement is the main point that will help you in writing an accurate statement as expected by the officers.

•    Recall what influenced you to study biology and seek higher education in it. Recall the person whose actions or deeds have inspired you greatly and compelled you to explore the field of biology.

•    Develop the biology personal statement by penning down and describing some of those activities or tasks that you have undertaken in the pursuit of your field. Describe how those volunteering activities motivated you and strengthen your passion even more.

•    Also describe some experiences that you have gained in order to pursuit your dream. Tell them your personal story which is related to your passion for studying this field. Describe how you lost a year of your education to take care your sick grandparents. Describe them how much you value life and how far you would go to save someone’s life.

•    Describe the admission committee how your certain qualities distinguish you as an ethical, dedicated, motivated and caring individual. These critical elements will help you with convincing them that you are the best candidate for their college.

•    Relate your interest and passion for exploring the field of biology with the facilities or faculties of the college. You need to tell them what makes their college special and attractive to you. Is it that they have certain special faculties that other colleges don’t have, in your region. Use the name of the college which you are applying to often in the personal statement.

•    Ensure that the introduction of the statement is appealing and the conclusion is inspiring.

•    Also, ensure that the personal statement is immaculate, that is, it doesn’t contain any error or mistake.

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