Common Elements That Mess up Your Biochemistry Personal Statement

Biochemistry is a vast field that deals with the chemical processes that take place in a living organism, though it is not restricted to only living matter. Individuals who want to pursue biochemistry field are prepared to devote their life in studying different structures and functions of cellular components of living matters. To gain admission in a college in order to acquire advance degree in biochemistry one needs to deal with a college personal statement first.

Writing a personal statement for biochemistry graduate course is although not a rocket science but still you need to be extra careful because even a single critical mistake can easily put your application at risk and jeopardize your chances of gaining admission in a prospective college. You need to make an effective outline and list down all the necessary elements carefully to make the statement impressive. It should also be noted that not every detail needs to be shared in the personal statement. Only those details should be discussed that can make the right impact. Following are some of the common elements that can mess up your biochemistry personal statement, rendering you from gaining acceptance in any prominent college.

Failure to meet the personal statement requirements

Different graduate schools provide different requirements along with the application. It is necessary to read those requirements carefully in order to put together a statement which meets the expectations of the board. A standard list of requirements include word limit, font styles and size, number of paragraphs in the statement, deadline of submission, some specific questions, etc. Though writing a compelling biochemistry statement will stimulate the interest of the board members but by complying with given requirements the chances of gaining the admission increase even more. Furthermore, by adhering to the given set of guidelines, you demonstrate the board that you are able to meet their requirements and willing to adhere to their instructions.

Expressing negativity

There are those individuals who have faced and overcome many sorts of grave ordeals in order to strive and be able to study more. If you are also among those people who have overcome great trials, make certain that you don’t express any kind of negativity in your statement but demonstrate a positive and solid attitude. Show your worth to the admission board and don’t ask for a pity. Be proud of yourself that you have triumph over all your problems and show that expression in your statement.


Given that majority of individuals don’t know how personal statements, especially biochemistry statements, are written, many of them try to copy the content from sample statements and submit it to the admission department. It is true that sample statements can serve as a great help for writing attention grabbing personal statement. However, plagiarizing the content from the samples, hoping to gain the acceptance is one guaranteed way to mess up the chances of gaining the admission.

Remember that you can mess up your personal statement by sticking with the given mistakes or you can increase your chances by avoiding those mistakes, the choice is yours.

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