Chemistry Personal Statement

Students who are studying their Masters course would already know the significance of writing an appealing Chemistry personal statement. They have had their share of experience of writing these difficult statements just like any other undergraduate. A personal statement or a statement of purpose helps the applicant in distinguishing his application from dozens of other candidates who have applied for the same course. It provides a huge opportunity to the candidate to leave aside his academic test scores and impress the board with his/her unique skills, qualities and personality. Even a student with high test scores or GPA cannot certainly feel confident in getting the seat in the university. Therefore, the only way one can ensure a seat in the university is by setting himself apart by submitting an appealing and attractive chemistry personal statement.

Dozens of applications get rejected each year because of poorly written content and poorly defined thoughts. Students will only be able to impress the board of the university if they consider it carefully what sorts of ideas should be included in the statement and how to express those ideas in an appealing manner. This may probably seem quite intimidating at first but once you sit down and pen down those ideas in a proper order you will see that how easy it is to write a good statement.

It is also recommended that every applicant should make an outline so that he can gather and express his thoughts in an effective manner. First outline the introduction of the statement and consider including those important elements in it that can catch the attention of the board. For example, you can start with your childhood dream to become a chemical engineer.

While outlining the elements that are to be included in the body section of the statement, consider those points that needs a complete description. For instance, you can link the academic qualification with your interest in the chemistry field and how that qualification can help you become a great chemical engineer. You can also include any experiences that you have gained in this field after completing the undergraduate course.

Remember that four important elements that a great personal statement includes such as the applicant’s motivation for seeking chemistry degree, his aspiration, work experience and qualities that relates to that field. While writing a personal statement keep one thing in mind that you need to put forth evidence of your skills and qualities that you claim to possess.

You can use that outline to create the first draft. Do not edit the draft while writing because editing and revision can be done later. Do not worry about anything and just let your creativity do the work. Once the statement is completely written, revise it and see if it meets with the given word count requirement.

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