Chemical Engineering Personal Statement

In a chemical engineering personal statement, the applicant has to demonstrate his strengths as well as weaknesses and the determination towards seeking a higher degree in this field. It must be a convincing statement persuading the appraisers of the admission committee to offer the individual a seat in their respected college. Given that the appraisers have to read loads of statements and if the applicant wants his application to be able to catch the attention of the appraiser, it is necessary that the statement must be attractive, precise and compelling.

An excellent statement has to encompass some important elements that make the statement outshine the rest of the competition. One important element is to discuss why he should be given preference over the rest of the applicants. What makes him special and fit for the field? What knowledge the applicant has gained and what experience he has acquired which set him apart? The applicant should also discuss what he is planning to do after acquiring higher degree in chemical engineering field. What are his professional goals?

The details regarding the academic achievements or any other work experiences such as an internship in chemical engineering from a well-known company should be included in the statement. Such details demonstrate the devotion and his skills in this field. These details build a compelling statement which is guaranteed to make the dream of the applicant come true.

Since the applicant wants to seek higher degree in it, he should discuss the academic projects and research which he has done while completing the undergraduate. Such academic projects include dissertations, theses, research papers, etc. If the applicant has a diploma from a non-accredited school, it should also be mentioned in the personal statement. In simple words, any project or activity that demonstrates the creativity, innovation and potential of the candidate deserves a space in the personal statement.

The candidate should also tell the appraisers of the committee how he got interested in chemical engineering. He should discuss which person in his family has influenced him to pursue chemical engineering. You can also talk about a childhood dream that you have had and how much you are determined to turn that dream into reality.

There are certain important things that a candidate must get acquaint with before starting the statement. First thing is that every university has a different prompt, which means that every institute provides you a different list of specifications. These specifications are meant to be followed otherwise the statement will not be accepted. It is imperative for the candidate to analyze each list carefully and create a unique statement for every prospective college which he is applying to.

It is suggested that the candidate should make at least four to five drafts of the chemical engineering personal statement. Once the final draft is completed, the candidate should proofread it at least twice to ensure that there are no mistakes in it.

Personal statement is surely one of the important writing tasks that a student has to deal with. So keep the above important tips in mind and write a statement which piques the interest of the appraisers.

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