7 Important Considerations for Writing a Postgraduate Personal Statement

You are applying for postgraduate but you don’t know how to write a postgraduate personal statement. Well don’t worry… a lot of students don’t know how these statements are written. Even if some students know how to write it they certainly don’t know how to write a compelling one. Basically this statement, which is also referred as a statement of purpose, allows the applicant to elaborate on his/her experience, potential, skills and determination. There are some statements that ask the applicant to answer particular questions while there are also some that only asks general questions.

The statement of purpose is a golden opportunity for an applicant to stand out. It is indeed an opportunity that allows you to describe your influences, motivation, determination and your worth to the team of the admission department. In this application you are given a wonderful chance to list down the reason why you are seeking admission in this university and the personal or professional goals you have in mind. The statement of purpose also allows you to discuss your talent and skills that you possess and which you are not able to discuss in the standard admission application. Without further ado, let us discuss the 10 important considerations that are necessary for writing an eye-catching postgraduate personal statement.

1.    Before jotting down letters onto your personal statement, first brainstorm and create a list of material that you want to include and discuss in the statement. Keep the list specific and concise. Also check out the prompt that is given by the university at the time of acquiring the admission application. Analyze the prompt carefully and see what types of requirements you will need to keep in mind while writing.

2.    Now, briefly explain what makes you different and special from the rest. This explanation will help you in setting yourself apart from other applicants who are applying for the same postgraduate program. Convince them that you are the best fit not only for the university but also for the community of your field.

3.    List down some particular reasons why you are only interested to get admission in their university. It may be that their fee is affordable than other universities or they offer some special programs that others don’t. It may also be that they are the most prominent university in the country. Also explain them how you came to know about them.

4.    List down and explain any work experiences that you have had. This demonstrates your interest in your field of interest.

5.    List and discuss your career goals that you have set in your mind. However, keep the explanation concise and specific. Don’t tell but demonstrate and give evidence to support your claims.

6.    List and discuss your most prominent qualities and strengths. Yet again, you have to support those qualities or strengths with supporting evidence.

7.    One more important consideration that one needs to take into account is that the opening of the statement must be an attention-grabbing one. It must be able to hook the reader right from the start.

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