Create A Compelling Marketing Personal Statement


Marketing personal statement is a document expected to be written by a student at the time of applying in a marketing school. Marketing is a very tough field as it calls for certain special qualities and most importantly a convincing ability. The personal statement expresses those qualities, inspiration Read More

Fine Art Personal Statement


An artist seeking a fine art degree from a reputed college has to write a fine art personal statement, which is recognized as the important part of the admission test. This type of statement usually focuses on the applicant’s fine art’s skills, future goals, character, qualities, Read More

Fashion Personal Statement – Write an Appealing One


The glamor and appeal of the fashion industry is gaining popularity day by day which is why majority of youths these days dream of becoming a prominent part of this industry. Fashion is practiced in almost every culture that is the reason that each one of us is well-familiar with different Read More

MBA Personal Statement Writing


Personal statement is a very necessary part of admission process. It gives an opportunity to the applicant to set his application apart from other hundreds of applicants, who are applying with the same goal in mind. Students who seek a Masters degree in the area of business studies and management have to write an MBA Read More

Chemistry Personal Statement


Students who are studying their Masters course would already know the significance of writing an appealing Chemistry personal statement. They have had their share of experience of writing these difficult statements just like any other undergraduate. A personal statement or a statement of purpose helps Read More

Sociology Personal Statement for a Graduate’s Program


Sociology, which sometimes also refers as social science, deals with the scientific study of society. By using numerous types of pragmatic examinations and critical analysis, a sociologist analyze how humans interact with each Read More

Chemical Engineering Personal Statement


In a chemical engineering personal statement, the applicant has to demonstrate his strengths as well as weaknesses and the determination towards seeking a higher degree in this field. It must be a convincing statement persuading the appraisers of the admission committee to offer the individual a Read More

7 Important Considerations for Writing a Postgraduate Personal Statement


You are applying for postgraduate but you don’t know how to write a postgraduate personal statement. Well don’t worry… a lot of students don’t know how these statements are written. Even if some students know how to write it they certainly don’t know how to write a compelling one. Read More