Do You Still Make These CV Writing Mistakes?


Crafting an appealing CV can be quite daunting sometimes as many people are not completely aware of its do’s and don’ts. It is one of those daunting documents that you have to encounter sooner or later, unless you are planning to become your own employer. The role of Read More

7 Things You Should Never Include in a CV


CV is a vital document written with the only purpose of attracting prospective recruiters, thus compelling them to call you for an interview. Even though many people are aware of it, they still believe that this document should encompass the whole work-history and background of the candidate, which is not Read More

CV Writing Secrets – Polish Your CV to Perfection


Applying for a job is in itself a very stressful process. It becomes even more hectic when you have to write a perfect CV that will get you to the interview room. A CV is an important tool that provides you with an opportunity to make yourself stand out from the crowd and grab Read More

See How Easily You Can Write a Phenomenal CV


CV is a marketing tool that promotes a product in the employment market. Well, guess what… that product is no other than YOU!

It is a document that presents your persona before a prospective employer or recruiter. Many people believe that both resume and CV writing are same, which is not completely true. Although Read More

How to Answer 4 Most Common Interview Questions for Teachers


A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on a cold iron. (Horace Mann)

So you have been summoned by an administrative department of a school for an interview for the position of a Read More

What to Wear To an Interview


We act the way we dress. Neglected and untidy clothes reflect a neglected and untidy mind. (Source: Unknown)

It is very important for a job applicant to understand what to wear to an interview. When we go to a job interview, the interviewer assesses two things. One is your attitude and second is Read More

How to Prepare For an Interview to Land on Your Dream Job


Almost all of us wish to land on the job which we have been dreaming of for ages. However, to turn such important dream into reality we have to consider some important steps. These important steps include writing a proper resume, crafting a compelling cover letter and preparing for an Read More

How to Answer Interview Questions


    Interview is the last hurdle that you have to overcome in order to get your dream job. It is a critical part of the entire employment process which helps the employer decides whether you are the best fit with their company or not.

In a resume you use your experiences, skills and qualification to Read More

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