The DO’s And DON’T’s of Searching a Job!


Do you feel unsatisfied with your current job because there is nothing more to learn? Is your current boss too impossible to ask for a pay-raise or benefit? Do you feel a victim of your workplace politics? If you reply in positive for any of the above-mentioned questions, then it is time for you to consider changing your Read More

How to Search a Job While You Are Still Employed?


Searching a job is a tricky turn in a professional career path that may or may not lead to your destination. For someone who is new to job change process, the path can turn out to be a labyrinth if certain considerations are not taken. There are chances of losing a desirable job, getting the wrong Read More

6 Myths about Job Interview That Are Not True!


Are you nervous because you have an interview tomorrow but are not sure that you are a perfect fit? Is there anything that keeps on intruding in your mind that you do not have a clear answer? If yes, then you must first filter your thoughts and segregate facts from myths. Here is a list of common myths compiled by Read More

How to Negotiate For Job Perks and Benefits?


Negotiation can produce fruitful results, if done effectively. This skill is particularly important when negotiating a salary and benefits for a job. While some people negotiate for a better salary, there are some who are equally concerned about the benefits and perks. With some effective negotiating skills, you Read More

How to Make an Interview Follow-Up Call?

interview follow-up call

All has gone well in your interview and now you want to make a follow-up call to make sure whether you will get the job or not. If you have made a strong impression in your first interview then half of your job is done. But this does not mean that you get unnecessarily overconfident. If you think you are the only Read More

How to Avoid Common Job Interview Mistakes?


The job interview is your last chance to impress a potential employer and get a desirable job. Even if you have excellent academic background, a bright professional career and have all the industry-specific skills for a job, you are still one step far from getting the job. A job interview is your Read More

6 Considerations to Remember For a Phone Interview!


For employers, a job interview is the decisive part of hiring process. It allows the employer to ascertain whether a candidate deserves a job or not. Unfortunately but this is where most of the Read More

How to Negotiate a Salary on a Job Interview?


Negotiating the salary is an important part of a job interview. Generally, the employer will conduct a salary review before he calls on you for an interview. After analyzing the salary trend and considering your previous salary, he will then decide on a salary figure. While an employer may offer you a salary on his Read More

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