How to Write Creatively – A Not So Unusual Question

Many students or amateur writers often wonder how to write creatively or how to use their creativity for their papers. Creative writing is a very essential thing which can even make an expository assignment a lot more interesting and insightful. Expository assignments are those where the writer presents certain information in greater details without including his/her personal opinions or arguments.

Nonetheless, creativity can be used effectively to come up with excellent and eloquent essays, dissertations, or any other sorts of papers. The writer can efficiently use his/her creativity in order to develop a good theme or a topic for the assignment. With a high level creativity any person can generate excellent ideas, conduct an effective research and develop a very insightful thesis statement. Creative writing is that kind of writing which aims to make both you and your audience interested and compel you to enjoy the read.

Although writing about a particular theme creatively is a very demanding task but still it is not an impossible one if you keep in mind the four essential pointers which are:

- Selecting the topic creatively.
- Developing new ideas and performing a research creatively.
- Creatively writing a draft.
- Creatively using anecdotes or facts and figures.

Selecting the Topic Creatively

While generating ideas for good topics, try to select an experimental one that intrigues you. Try to look for those topics on which you would enjoy to do research. Make a list of topics and state those topics in the form of a question so that when you conduct a preliminary research on those topics you can easily find accurate material on it. Moreover, if you happen to find something else intriguing while doing the research you can always change your topic. The ideal way to choose a topic is to select one with which you are familiar. Also, it is important that you should first determine the amount of information available on the selected topic so that it won’t create a problem when you start writing on it.

Be Creative While Researching or Developing Ideas

Creativity is an essential tool in order to generate unique and interesting ideas. You also need to be creative for choosing a best thesis statement for your assignment. There are a great number of techniques that can effectively help you with your critical or analyzing abilities and also help you in taking those abilities to the next level. For example, keep a pen and a note card with you all the time so that when you are doing something and an interesting idea pops up in your mind you could immediately write that idea and save it before it vanishes from your mind.

Draft Creatively

Drafting is a very important part of writing as it helps you in enhancing the quality level of your work as many times as you want. It also helps you in making your perfect, that is, an error-free work.

Use Specific Details Creatively

Using charts, illustrations, facts or other kinds of anecdotes creatively in the assignment makes your arguments or statements valid and add more sense to it.

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