How to Write an Elevator Speech

To know how to write an elevator speech, you first need to understand that it a speech which is of only 30 seconds which describes effectively an entity like a person, a company or just an idea. The reason why it is called an ‘elevator speech’ is because an elevator ride mostly takes up to 30-seconds to complete. Now as you might be thinking, the elevator speech is not easy at all and quite challenging because it needs to have the power to convince the listener in less than a minute.

As I have stated earlier, the elevator speech is really short and to the point and so it need to focus on one particular subject and has to have only one goal and message which it is trying to convey. Your elevator speech shouldn’t be diverging and dynamic because of the simple limitation of time. Read below to know more on how you can write an elevator speech which is effective and influential all at the same time.

•    Think of the message you want to convey to the listener. This point or thesis will serve as the theme of your speech. For example let’s say you have just opened up a brand new business and want to give an elevator speech on that so you will very simply be focusing on introducing the new business and telling people about what it is.

•    You can’t just go on stage and say ‘I am introducing my business’ and get off stage, right? So once you have thought of the theme, start thinking about the points you want to mention in your speech. These should be the major points you want to tell the listener about. Taking the example of the business again, you will want to talk about the products that you offer and why the customers should by from you. Remember not to include more than 5 points because then you will not have the time to complete your speech.

•    Have you heard of the phrase ‘practice makes perfect’? Well this is the phrase that was made with the speech in mind. Giving a 30second speech in no short of pulling a stunt and so you need to ensure that you have everything you need when you are giving it. You will have to practice with the speech several times before you are on your way to give it on stage. Practicing the speech will also give you a good idea on how long it takes to complete it.

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