How to Write a Speech That Blows the Mind of Your Audience

Every student ought to consider learning how to write a speech from an early stage. Writing a speech is although not an easy task but it is certainly very important for students of every level or discipline. Just like writing an easy, research paper or term paper is necessary, English speech writing is also equally necessary.

Speech compositions are included in the coursework of most disciplines such as law, religious studies, science, humanities, etc. Also, it is considered as an important part of examinations in literature or English language courses. Writing an English speech calls for creativity and most importantly persuasive writing skills, which cannot be acquired without extreme practice. Every student must learn how to write an attractive and persuasive speech as it will be tremendously helpful in their personal and professional life. Follow these effective guidelines to learn how to compose an effective speech:

- Given that a speech is written to inform the audience about a certain matter or persuade them to agree with your idea. Therefore it is integral that you first determine who you are writing for or who you want to persuade. Knowing the audience makes the speech writing job a little easy. It is certain that you won’t be able to write a good speech if you don’t consider this important point before writing. Understand the likes and dislikes of the audience. Determine what type of humor you should avoid that could offend them. However, if you are speech is targeted to mix audience then your style of speech needs to be more conservative.

- Second thing that you need to determine is the purpose of your speech. First decide why you are writing it. Do you want to write it to tell your audience something shocking or something they didn’t know? Do you want to persuade them to something that they don’t agree with? Remember that it is the purpose that decides the success or failure of your speech.

- When writing a speech it is advisable that you first make an outline where you organize all the important points and your ideas. Make two to three drafts of your speech. Keep editing until you are completely satisfied. While making the draft don’t edit it, just keep writing and let the ideas flow out onto the paper. Polish each draft by using different synonyms or paraphrasing.

- Enhance the effectiveness of your speech by adding some interesting quotes. In fact starting your speech with popular or interesting quotes has always been the practice of many people. Check the speeches of some famous people such as Martin Luther or Former President John F. Kennedy. Also check out the speeches written by your seniors.

- Once you speech is completed, run a spell checker to detect incorrect spellings in your transcript. However, it is also important to manually look for spelling mistakes because automated spell checking is not efficient than manual spell checking.

- Ask your parents, siblings, friends or peers to read your speech and give their opinions on it.

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