How to Write a Resignation Letter – Important Etiquette

At some point in your professional life you will need to leave your current job and look for a new one. The reason could be anything for instance you want to change your job because of low salary, because of the environment or just because you got a good offer from another company. Regardless of what the reason is, you need to resign from the current job properly and gracefully. To do that you need to learn how to write a resignation letter.

People who turn in a poorly written resignation letter often end up leaving a bad impression on the employer. Remember that you may need your employer in future to write a reference or recommendation letter or you may want the company to leave its door open for you in case if you want to rejoin the company. Therefore, it is necessary to learn the proper etiquette of writing resignation letter and leave your job in a graceful manner.

Resignation Letter Writing Etiquette

- Before planning to tell your company about your resignation, first be very certain about leaving the job. First determine whether you really want to leave the job or not because once the resignation letter is handed over to the employer it certainly cannot be taken back unless the employer is your close friend or relative.

- Before writing the letter of resignation, first determine all your options that would make you stay in the current company. If you are leaving the company because of low salary or no bonus then gently ask the employer about an increment or bonus. Properly discuss your issue with your employer before you hand over a resignation. However, avoid asking too much because it will create a negative impression of your image.

- Never hand over a handwritten resignation letter to your employer because such practice is not professional. Although you are resigning from your job but you should do it in the professional way. Type your letter on a tidy paper using either your word processor or a typewriter.

- A typical resignation letter format is not different than a formal business letter. So follow the format of a business letter which includes your name, address, name of employer and date. Also, keep in mind that it should be addressed to none other than your supervisor.

- One of the most important point that one must consider while writing a resignation letter is that one must avoid giving any particular reason for his/her departure. In fact one should avoid giving any sort of reason at all. There could be millions of reasons for your departure for instance you don’t like the job, the environment, your co-workers or the way your employer deals with you. Keep in mind that no one and not even you would want to hear bad things about you or your company.

- Be brief and polite when writing your letter. Do not include any phrase or something that would reflect your aggression towards the company or employer.

- Wrap up your letter by signing under “Your Sincerely” and enclosing the letter in a formal envelope.

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