How to Write a Memoir – Critical Tips to Remember

If you are planning to write a memoir but don’t know where to start or how to start, then you have come to the right place. In this article you will be informed about some critical tips that will assist you in crafting the best memoir ever. However, before we unveil these critical tips let us first shed some light on the different between a memoir and a biography.

A lot of people have this wrong idea that a memoir and an autobiography are one and a same thing. Well, that is surely not true because there is a huge different between these two terms. Basically an autobiography is a complete story of your entire life. A memoir, on the other hand, is just a single story from one’s life. It means you can write as many memoirs as you want, depending on how many special or significant events you had in your past.

Many people also use the term memoir biography which is also not correct because a biography is that piece of writing which is written on one’s life by someone else.

There are many important aspects of writing a good and influential memoir. These aspects include knack for writing, accuracy, focus and dedication.

- The finest way to learn how to write a memoir is by reading the memoirs of other people, especially the famous ones. By reading their life stories you can learn a lot about them. You can also gain knowledge about their life events, troubles and how they got out of those troubles. You can easily learn many things that even a good article on memoir writing tips cannot teach you. Try to review the work of those people who are famous for writing their memoir. Some famous examples include:

A Child Called It – By Dave Pelzer
Into Thin Air – By Jon Krakauer
Check out Love in Condition Yellow – By Sopia Raday
Speak, Memory – By Vladmir Nabokov

- Another important pointer that you must note is that starting a memoir in a chronological order can be a bit boring. Many people don’t like to read a memoir that starts with a boring or uninteresting story. Therefore, try to start your memoir with something interesting like a mystery or something. If you look around and review other memoirs you will notice that famous memoirs always start with an action or mystery. They use such method to draw in the interest of the readers.

- If you have good writing skills then you don’t have to worry about making your memoir an impressive piece of writing. However, if you lack these skills then you must practice it.

- Another critical tip that you must remember is that you should focus on writing your memoir and not on editing it at the same time. Many people try to edit their transcripts while writing it which makes the writer lose the focus. This way the writer drifts from the right story to something which is completely irrelevant.

Don’t give up your dream of writing a memoir of your life. If you keep in mind the above mentioned critical tips you will surely emerge with an impressive memoir. So get started now.

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