How to Write a Memo – Guidelines for Writing Effective Office Memorandums

One must understand that business writing is completely different than writing an academic report or an article. Generally internal or external business communication is carried out in numerous forms. These include business reports, letters, instructions or memorandums. Memorandums, in short memos, are those letters which are used within the company or organization.

Basically business memos are used for giving specific instructions or information to employees for instance modification in some rules and regulations or any changes in the company’s policy. Memos are also used to request the employees or managers to attend the meeting.

It is also important to note that the writing format of a memo is different from the formatting style of a typical business letter. Generally a memo contains basic components like from, to, date, title or subject and then the text.

People who are seeking to start their career in the field of business management or administration ought to learn how to write a memo. Following are few effective guidelines that one must consider before writing a business memorandum.

Important Memorandum Writing Guidelines

- If the memorandum is being sent to a particular person within the company, then the sender should mention the correct name of the receiver. To make the memorandum more formal, the send can mention the job title of the receiver. For example,

To: GTS Sales Staff
To: Alex Baldwin, Director of Operations

- It is very important that the subject of the memorandum should be clear. The subject of the memo must be kept brief and succinct. It should give the reader a clear idea of what the memo is about. For example,

Subject: Compulsory Employee Meeting on Monday
Subject: Change in Office Decorum

- As it is told earlier that business memos are completely different than other business letters. So, keep in mind that there is no formal greeting or any praising closing contained in it.

- Business memos are brief and to the point, informing the message or instructions clearly to the receiver(s). When a message can be conveyed in a single sentence, then whey make it long. Keep in mind that when you enter into a professional career, especially business administration or management, you write your letters in a formal and brief manner. To bring clarity to your memo you can use bullets or numberings as well.

- The opening paragraph of the memo contains the background of the message. The opening paragraph of a typical memo contains the purpose of sending the memo. The opening section of the memo must be clear enough so that the recipient can get a clear overview of the memo’s purpose.

- In the body paragraph of the memo you should explain the steps that the company has taken to solve certain issues or to instruct the employees about new rules or policies.

- In the closing paragraph of the memo, the sender directs the recipients to follow the instruction or to take certain steps to resolve the issue.

Follow the aforementioned guidelines strictly to write a formal business memo.

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