How to Write a Professional and Effective Confirmation Letter?

If you want to get results then I suggest you not to rely just on telephone calls when it comes to professionals matters such as insurance companies or businesses or in fact anything else that it important. What you could to show that you are actually quite serious about the deal is to send a confirmation letter after you have had a telephonic conversation.
Now writing a confirmation that is effective is not a task that can be done within minutes and so you need to learn how to write a confirmation letter that truly sends you message through. Once again, remember that the confirmation letter is also very important because it will be kept as a record.
1. A confirmation letter is simply the written record of what you have discussed in a meeting or a telephonic conversation. This confirmation letter is written so that there is no confusion in the matter and so both the parties can remember their responsibilities to each other. The other purpose of the confirmation letter is to remind the parties that they are legally bound to each other and shouldn’t forget this.

2. You need to plan your confirmation letter even before you conduct the meeting or make the telephone call. How you can do this is to make a list of the things you need to discuss. When you are doing this, make sure you list each item as your responsibility or theirs depending on the nature of the item.

3. Once you have had your meeting, start writing your confirmation letter. You will have to begin your confirmation letter with a data, a complete address and the subject matter which is being approached. Remember that your letter doesn’t need to be complex in order to be professional. Instead you need to write it in simple and plain words so that the reader has no difficulty comprehending what you are saying. Also keep in mind that this is a professional confirmation letter and so you should avoid any opinions, speculations, views or commentary of any kind. You have to seem as if you are inviting them in for their own good and not forcing them in by bullying and threatening them.

4. You need to start the confirmation letter by telling the reader that the letter is being sent out after the meeting. Then as discussed earlier, you should include the points that you have already verbally said. Include all the important information and ask them to check if there is anything missing or incorrect in the letter.

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