How to Write a Case Study – Important Considerations

Most people think that writing a case study is very taxing and painstaking. There is no doubt that writing such articles is quite a difficult task however they are not so taxing or painstaking unless you want them to be. Certainly it requires quite a lot of determination and persistence to tackle a complicated issue and write such article on it. Well you don’t need to fret anymore because in this article you will learn how to write a case study and how to satisfy the interest of your readers in an effective way.

When you plan to start a case study on any particular topic the first most important thing you need is determination. If you don’t have the determination to write such complicated articles then don’t bother writing it. Some people who start a case study without a determination often give up in the middle since this task needs a great deal of time and patience.

Second most important thing that you need to consider is research and a lot of it. You have to do the research while analyzing the topic. You have to do it while going through the material. Basically the whole process of writing a case study totally depends on the amount of research you carry out on it.

While selecting the main topic of the study don’t just consider the interest of the audience or the benefits that your study may unfold but also consider you own interest or opinion. Your own interest matters because it would become too difficult to perform a comprehensive investigation on a topic in which you are not even least bit interested.

After selecting the topic the next thing you have to consider is reviewing the work that has been already conducted on the selected topic. In order to review those work you need to look for them in the libraries (local/ campus/ library). Go through as many case studies as you possibly can and try to look for those problems that still need a solution. Keep an index card or a notebook with you so that you can keep a track of the sources you used because you will later need it for citations.

Another most important thing that most people don’t know is that you often need to look for those places or sources that are dealing with the problems that you want to study. For example, if you want to write a case study on a particular drug you need to go to a hospital to assess the effects of those drugs. This will give you an exclusive data on your regarding your research.

Let us see the format of a typical case study:

•    The first section that normally every transcript contains is the introduction. The introduction in the case study is used to give a brief overview of the problem.

•    In the next section you describe the background of the study.

•    The rest of the sections are divided into: problem, how it came to, already conducted research and personal opinion.

•    Finally you close the case study with a decisive conclusion.

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