How to Write a Ballad in Few Simple Steps

What is a ballad? People often ask this question when they develop an interest in poetry. Basically it is a particular kind of verse which narrates a romantic tale or heroic story which is set to melody. Originally these poems were not written but instead passed down from one generation to other. However, this particular form of poem has no special rules so its subject matter can be anything. For example, love, betrayal, historical event, legend, hero, life, etc.

Ballads are very fun to compose and these poems are not that difficult as many people believe. In fact you can compose an interesting ballad in half an hour if you just know the basics and few important pointers. So, go ahead and take a look at the following steps to learn how to write a ballad in just few minutes.

Choose What You Want To Write On

- First of all, when writing any type of poem, song or any other transcript you need a subject matter. Since there are no rules regarding the selection of a ballad topic you can write on anything you want. You can write a ballad on a girl you love. You can write a ballad about any incident you came across in your life. You can write a ballad about the life of a professional such as pianist, guitarist, artist, etc. You can also craft a ballad on a painting detailing its meaning.

Write an Interesting Opening line

- Once you have a particular subject matter selected for the ballad now come up with a catchy or intriguing first phrase of your ballad. The opening phase of the ballad generally sums up the entire story. And the same thing is then repeated throughout the whole ballad in different forms. For illustration, suppose that you are writing a ballad about the girl you love. Make a list of some of her traits you like and then sum up those traits into a beautiful phrase.

Where is Your Chorus?

- In the third step you will need to develop a chorus line for your ballad which will be used in each verse of the quatrain. The verses in a chorus usually rhyme together. There are different types of rhymes you can use in the chorus. These forms include AABB, ABAB, etc. There are also ballads available which do not have any particular rhyme and such ballads are called free verse ballads.

Compose the Rest

- Now stick with the same format and keep composing the rest of the ballad. Keep tabs on the rhyme and rhythm of your ballad. Try to sing the ballad while writing it so that you can know whether the rhythm sits perfectly or not. This way you can also replace some words that sound peculiar.

Sing it

- Once your ballad is completed, leave it for a while and stretch your wings. Now check the ballad again and see if there is any need to add or modify anything. Do not just read the ballad but try to sing it to check out the rhyme and rhythm.

To get some inspiration, check out the ballads of famous poets.

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