Etiquettes of Writing a Wedding Announcement Card

Wedding announcement cards are one of the many other types of occasional cards that are sent from or to the bride and groom for instance, invitation card, best wishes card, thank you card or a congratulations card. Although many people, in this case couples, want to announce their wedding to their peers or friends wholeheartedly however, most of them are not sure how to write a good wedding announcement card, print them and mail to the people they want. When it comes to creating and printing such cards many dozens of questions pops up in the mind of the couples. For instance, what they should write in the card or who they should send the card, etc. Following are some helpful etiquette or tips of writing and sending wedding announcement cards.

Wedding Announcement or Invitation

Majority of the people wrongly believe that both the invitation and the wedding announcement card are sent to the same people, which is however not true. Basically, announcement cards are meant to send to only those people who you have not invited to your wedding. Invitation cards, on the other hand, are meant to send to those who you want to invite. It is a common sense that why a person should be given a wedding announcement when he/she is already invited to the ceremony. Moreover, unlike invitation cards, an announcement card doesn’t have an RSVP section.

Wedding Announcement Card Receiver

Many people ignore their coworkers and don’t send them their wedding announcement card, which is not the proper etiquette. If you really respect them but can’t invite them to the wedding, in case if you have limited the occasion to only family or close friends, then you should at least send them the announcement card informing about your wedding. It is also proper etiquette to send the card to those distant relatives who are not able to attend the auspicious occasion of your life. Casual acquaintance may also be given wedding announcement cards.

Time to Send the Wedding Announcement Card

Given that the invitation card and the wedding announcement card both have different purposes therefore such cards should be sent to the people in different timings. This way the recipient will get the wedding announcement in the right time and will not confuse it with the invitation card. It is also proper etiquette to send the card to the recipient a day before the wedding ceremony. It is advisable to send the card in such timing that the recipient gets the card on the day of wedding. However, in some cases the announcement cards may be sent after the wedding ceremony day.

Content of Wedding Announcement Card

Given that you don’t want the announcement card look like a wedding invitation card and you don’t want to confuse the recipient therefore do not include specific details about the wedding into the announcement card. These details include the address where the ceremony is being held, the ceremony time, reception location, etc. Just include the date of the ceremony and the bride and groom name to the wedding announcement card.

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