Best Guidelines on How to Write a Graduation Speech

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. You are the guy who’ll decide where to go.” (Dr.Seuss)

Giving a graduation speech is a very rare opportunity that every student gets only once in a life time since you graduate only once. That is the reason that one should make this rare day a memorable one. Use this awesome chance to share your thoughts with your classmates, friends, family and students from other faculties in your college. Use this great opportunity to convey the message that you would like the most to pass on.

Learning how to write a graduation speech that would influence others is quite a tough job. It is because here you try to drag all your thoughts and turn them into suitable words – words that would inspire others. Following are some simple but effective graduation speech writing tips that one must pay attention to:

1.    Go through some sample graduation speeches on the internet to see how these speeches are written. Check out what particular structure such manuscripts follow. Review each sample speech carefully and see how the writer expressed his/her thoughts and what sorts of words the writer has used to inspire others. Keep in mind that you will need to review those samples only to get a general idea of writing such speeches.

2.    Keep in mind that your graduation speech must not be a copy of someone else’s speech or must not be clichéd material. Since you are a graduate now you must be able to use your creativity to come up with something entirely unique. Do not just use your head but also use your heart and emotions. Turn those emotions into beautiful words. These qualities will help you write a sincere and humble speech.

3.    Given that it is not a common or everyday speech but a special one. Therefore it is necessary that your graduation speech should not be too general. Remember that a graduation speech is not used to just talk about yourself but you have to talk about your classmates and your professors as well.

4.    Avoid using any sorts of terms or lingos that only our classmates would understand.

5.     Catch the attention of the audience right from the very beginning of your speech by starting it with an interesting quote on a graduation day. Quotations are the best way to inspire other people.

6.    To make your speech more interesting and attention-grabbing, add a story or some funny incident that happened during your academic years. Merge those funny or unforgettable moments that you had with your classmates or professors in the speech.

7.    Giving a speech in front of hundreds of audience is definitely not easy. It seems even impossible for a person who has never given a speech on a stage. Therefore, the speaker needs to rehearse his/her speech in front of a group of friends or family members. Keep rehearsing until the fear vanishes.

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