Descriptive Essay Topics

Descriptive essay needs close attention to details of a certain topic. One can write almost anything, just need to focus on details. Your observation must be remarkable while having a descriptive essay topic in hands. Try to add enough detail about the topic to make the image in reader’s mind. ‘Descriptive’ itself means to mention as much details as possible to portray the image of the event, place or object in reader’s mind. Everything under the sun can be a topic of a descriptive essay so it’s really hard to pick a suitable one from an endless list. Here is a list of such few topics:




Descriptive Essay Topic about Places

  • Last Picnic Spot
  • Basket Ball Ground
  • A Favorite Restaurant
  • A Child’s Secret Hiding Place
  • A Rest Room in a Service Station

Descriptive Essay Topic about Things

  • Favorite Dress
  • Mobile Phone
  • Tennis Racquet
  • Big Mac
  • A bowl of Popcorn

Descriptive Essay Topic about Personality

  • My Next-door Neighbor
  • Most Irritating TV Host
  • Favorite Athlete
  • An Ideal Room-mate
  • A Character from a Book ,Movie or TV Program

Descriptive Essay Topic about Feelings

  • First Day in College
  • Falling in Love
  • A Treasured Belonging
  • A Sad Day in Life
  • Happiest Moment Last Year
  • Descriptive Essay Topic about Events
  • Farewell in High School
  • Best Friend’s Wedding Ceremony
  • An Accident Scene
  • The Scene at an Athletic Event
  • A Surprise Birthday Party

Descriptive Essay Topic about Activities

  • The Experience of Sky-diving
  • The Inside of a Spaceship
  • Learning to Play Piano
  • Final Exams Preparation Routine
  • Baking a Pizza

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