Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Cause and effect essay basically deal with the investigation of why certain things happen (causes) and what are the certain results (effects). The ideas must be presented in a very reasonable way with a lot of facts, which can support writer’s considerations effectively. The process of writing a good essay starts with selecting an outstanding topic. Be selective for your topic:


  • Why some students cheat
  • Why one college course is more rewarding than other
  • Why many people don’t bother to vote in elections
  • Why more students are taking online assignment help
  • Why people keep pets
  • Why so many people eat junk food
  • The effects of racial, religious or sexual discrimination
  • The impact when a parent is addicted
  • The effects of divorce
  • The impact of technology on family time
  • How procrastination affects grades
  • Explain a personal, unreasonable fear of yours—give its causes
  • Neglecting a child, causes and effects
  • Volcano eruptions—causes and effects
  • What are the effects of illiteracy
  • Causes of great depression

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